For sale is my practically new Boss Katana Mini. I purchased about a month ago and paid $99.99. Still have the box. Great practicetravel .
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I acquired this awhile ago at a sale. I dont play the guitar. I tested it with another audio source. The sound was great. Model G130C XL. I did not test all of the controls that may be specific to guitar use. Comes with the foot pedalswitch.
Crate VTX 65 Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifier in excellent condition Got all kinds of bells and whistles Three channels with independent gain, level and tone shaping circuits controlled by foot switch. 15 different multi including Chorus, Flange, Phase Shift, Vibrato, Octave Down, Touch-Wah and Reverse Wah and also has 15 delays with adjustments. Each of these can be set for depth, and the Ta...